About Us



Perrieri operated as a footwear retailer and wholesaler in Malaysia. Back in 1990, the Company (then known as the Ginza Group) started with two shareholders whom Mr. Terrance Chong Kwet Tat, the current Managing Director was shareholder. The Company was distributing amongst others the then worldwide popular line of "The Beatles' series of shoes.


The Company was subsequently renamed as Perrieri Sdn Bhd in 1995 where the Company operated as a footwear retailer and wholesaler in Malaysia, distributing its flagship brand known as Cheyenne Frontier Days under license from Cheyenne has been established in the US since 1897.


In 2005, Terrance successfully made a take-over the Company and very quickly made the bold decision to buy over the brand name of Cheyenne from US Company in 2008 and undertook a major reorientation from retailing and wholesaling to designing, marketing and distribution. The Company in-house designing of its own line of shoes under Cheyenne proved to be a resounding success. Perrieri soon followed almost immediately with equal success.


While the Company was growing nationally, it has continued focusing on catering to customer's needs, individually and the ever changing trends.


The Company's philosophy has always remained unchanged; offering the customer the best possible service, selection, quality and value.