Collection: Perrieri Protect (100% Anti-Slip)

The 100% slip-resistant shoes was born ——Perrieri PROTECT !!! 💦

These shoes offer a lot of benefits and make you feel safe and comfortable when walking on wet, greasy, cluttered, and mossy surfaces.


1. 100% Slip-Resistant
Perrieri PROTECT have a special sole pattern that can effectively flush water, oil, soap, and moss from the gaps to provide true slip-resistant effect.

2. Soft and Comfortable
Perrieri PROTECT are very soft and comfortable, using ergonomic design that can conform to the arch of your foot. They are made of EVA material with 98% full-foot rebound, which can protect and wrap your feet, and feel lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are resilient and will not collapse, and can withstand compression without deformation.

3. Quick-Dry Design
Perrieri PROTECT have a ventilation hole design on the side, which can quickly dry the shoes, and keep your feet dry and fresh.

4. Suitable for Seniors and Pregnant Women
Perrieri PROTECT are very suitable for seniors and pregnant women. Seniors may have unstable gait and need slip-resistant shoes to provide support. Pregnant women need slip-resistant shoes to increase foot stability.

5. Suitable for Various Occasions
Perrieri PROTECT are very suitable for various occasions such as kitchens, bathrooms, and rainy days. You can confidently wear these shoes and enjoy a safer walking experience.

Buy our slip-resistant shoes now and experience extraordinary quality!